Server Maintenance - A Story Of Frustration.

When Paul contacted us from a local accountants office he was very frustrated from the lack of support from their normal PC maintenance company.

They were having issues with their server running slow, lack of updates and a password issue.

When we visited the premises we found that although their "PC maintenance" company were charging for server maintenance and backup none had been carried out for several months.

Add to this that they had a password lockout and that no windows updates had been done for a while...You could say their sever was in a poor state.

"We new we were having issues with the server but it wasn't until Bluebell showed us the full extent of them we were unaware it was so bad. What's more we thought our data was being backed up but it wasn't!"

After fixing the password issue and doing some basic maintenance the server was running much better.

We then created a maintenance plan for Paul that wouldn't interfere with the daily running of the business and ensured backups and software updates were carried out on a regular basis.

"We couldn't believe that in a very short space of time Bluebell had turned around what seemed like an impossible situation into one where we didn't have to worry again."

We could feel the frustration from Paul when we first spoke to him so it was great to see he was a lot more relaxed when we left.

The lesson here is that Servers are not just PC'S and need a special kind of care and attention that a normal PC maintenance company may not be able to provide.

Paul- "When it comes to servers Bluebell really do seem to know their stuff. In one afternoon they saved us from what could have been a disastrous situation and got the whole network running like a dream!"

Server Maintenance & Maintenance plans

In house on online servers can need a special kind of maintenance that normal P/C service companies can not always provide.

We can provide a number of services from basic maintenance to scheduled backup and update plans.

Contact us today for information about how we have helped our customers come up with a server maintenance plan.