Email Marketing - "I couldn't believe what I was hearing..."

When Vince came to us from a local online merchant he was frustrated with his lack of sales from his email list…

"I contacted Bluebell because they had helped a friend in another market increase his sales from email. I was really interested in the new Dynamic Behavioural Response Marketing techniques that my friend had employed"

We always relish the chance to get involved in an email campaign whether it is just to advise or create a full on DBRM system.

With Vince, we felt at this stage he needed something half way because he had some experience with email software (Getresponse in this case) so we just needed to give him a plan and help in some of the implementation.

Email marketing is a great way to generate more sales and get a boost to sales quickly when done right.

In Vince’s case he really was “throwing stuff at the wall hoping something will stick” (He won’t mind us saying that).

He had no basic follow up.

He had no testing history. He didn’t even have a plan to consistently send out email at regular intervals.

This just resulted in poor open rates, spam complaints and just about 0 sales.

Although Vince came to us interested in DBRM we first wanted to get the basics in place so that he could at least see when done properly email marketing works like a dream.

"I couldn’t believe what I was hearing…I had contacted a couple of other companies about email marketing and straight away they started talking about expensive software and full on marketing campaigns…But not bluebell. They looked at my current system and came back with a plan to make that work first then showed me how I could progress in the future "

Vince was typical of a lot companies we deal with where some basic changes can be enough to get a company really making progress from email marketing.

Once the basics are established we can then scales up campaigns and add DBRM to further enhance the return from using email to market and sale to your prospects/customers.

"Vince – I knew selling by email would enhance our bottom line but I never realised by how much! Bluebell’s depth of knowledge about email marketing means that from the get go you have a good chance of making that “Muck” stick. When it comes to email I can’t recommend Bluebell enough.”

Email Marketing
Your Biggest Asset?

Social Media is great but you don't own it. Creating and maintaining your own email list will allow you to connect and sell to your customers even if your social media accounts are closed.

Dynamic Behavioural Response Marketing allows you to tailor messages to your customers based on their actions..It's the next stage in email evolution and we are experts at it!

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