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What do you want your website to do?

We understand that our customers want a site that is functional and aesthetically pleasing and represents their brand.

The problem is that it is easy to lose your message if you don’t keep in mind that visitors hit your site with three things on their mind.

1. What do you do?

2. What can you do for me?

3. What should I do next?

If question 1 & 2 are not answered in seconds then you are probably going to lose your visitor quite quickly.

Our FREE site review takes this into consideration along with 20 to 30 other points (depending on what your site does) that we feel could make a difference to the success of your website.

It always amazes us that a website can be a very expensive asset but it is one that many companies are prepared to let sit there and not contribute to the company turnover at all.

If you feel you should be getting more from your website then contact us for your free report.

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Update, Change and enhance.

Websites are a living thing and it is important that you make changes and updates to keep them from becoming stale and uninteresting.

Our update service has a “No change is to small” policy and we can either work “By The Hour” or on a “Set Cost” basis.

We offer the following services.
Text & Graphic changes.
Look & Feel changes.
Add New pages.
Add contact form.
Add email capture.
Add Blog
Behind the scenes programming (we cover most languages)
Update to SSL
Make mobile responsive.
Change to a new server or hosting company (Including cloud).
Site backups (one off’s or regular)
Bespoke functionality.

If you want something changed, updated or enhanced on your website then please call us today on:
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Website design & updates

Although we have a full in house "Website Design Service". We also offer an "update, change and enhance" service.

This is popular service among our clients who are happy with their present site but just need changes from time to time or want extras to the site added.

As specialist with 15 years experience we can also advise on changes to improve your site to make it more responsive to visitors

Contact us today and ask about our FREE site review worth £199